Why do you want to become a nurse?

In my last post, I discussed becoming a nurse because you want to help people/make a difference in someone’s life. Next up is:

“My mother/grandmother/aunt/sister was (or is) a nurse.”

Folks giving this reason usually have at least some idea of what a nurse does, including the long hours, work-related stress, and the “fashionable” clothing required by the job. Family members get used to hearing of work incidents involving bodily fluids, or maltreatment coming from a patient, their family or from other medical personnel. I’ve pretty much seen or heard it all and worn it as well, and been eating a meal while it was discussed. Not real appetizing, but talking about it is an outlet for stress and often humor. If you’re not willing to deal with bodily fluids then you need to be in a managerial, leadership, teaching or administrative position. When I started nursing school, my younger sister, having been a nurse for several years, asked me if it was really what I wanted to do. Then she proceeded to try to talk me out of it. I hadn’t become a nurse because of her. Remember, I thought I wasn’t smart enough? I was in a theology class being taught by a Doctorate level theologian and counselor who had been an RN for 40+ years. While in class one night I heard God tell me he wanted me to “do what she does.” I know without a doubt it was God and that I needed to follow his call. I started school and became an RN 2 years later. That’s my story and I’m “sticking to it.” If one of your family members is a nurse, talk to them if you haven’t already and ask them about work. Where do they work? Do they work in a hospital, doctors office, nursing home or elsewhere? What kinds of patients do they work with? What are their work hours (day shift, evening or night shift)? Usually hospital shifts are 8 or 12 hours long; 7 am to 3 pm or 7 pm, 3 pm to 11 pm or 3 am, 7 pm to 7 am, 10 pm to 6 am or 11 pm to 7 am. Office hours are usually 9 am 5 pm. If you like getting up early ( I do not) then a day shift is for you. If you like to sleep late and work late then afternoon/ evening shift is for you. If you are a total night owl (like me) then you are a night shift person. I have NEVER liked getting up early, if you wake me early, there had better be a darn good reason and you’d better do it with a 10 ft pole from the doorway with a cup of coffee in your hand because I have been known to be vicious. Just ask my husband, poor guy. I have to set a loud alarm and put it across the room so I have to physically get out of bed to turn it off. Which doesn’t stop me from getting back in the bed, but it’s a start. Did I mention I hate getting up?

Ok, that’s enough for now. Next time we’ll talk about wanting to be a nurse so you can marry a doctor…..

Keep looking up



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